Well today sucked.

Here's a gem of a story for anyone who cares. I had this drunk guy come in to the bar and he orders a round of premuim shots... and as I am pouring them I have to switch and open a new bottle. Well apparently in some podunk areas the bottom of the bottle is supposed to be a free shot. He called it a spider shot and demanded it should be free. Well, not here, I told him. And he continues to argue with me until he finally pays. And then he keeps demanding it. Finally he asks for a shot of southern comfort and so i let him know that he will have to pay for it .. thinking he still wanted his free shot. And he informs me that I am the bartender and he is my customer and I should just serve him, like I'm some kind of idiot. Really? Ok, so I tell him he better be nice or that's his last shot.

The next time he orders he makes sure to tell me he wants his change like he is punishing me for not giving him his free shot.. nevermind that I have been giving the cheap jerk his change the whole time. He was really worried about that 1.50. I slapped his change down and said you need to start being nice to me or get out. My bar back came over to watch him at this point because he was making a scene. Luckily, he left after that. I was going on my 7th hour at the bar.. I really didn't have the patience for him and his remarks because frankly I was being really nice to him and he acted like I was his red headed step child. He can consider himself judged.

To top matters off, our manager put on the second bartender when it was really slow thinking it would get busy and it never did, which wouldn't matter but we split our tips from nine to close on register percentages. So for instance, even though she goes on at 11 she has a chance to make money on her register and if she lucks out with big orders can end up with a good percentage on the tip out. I like our system on a busy night because whoever works harder gets more tip out. But on a slow night it is really just luck as to who gets the bigger orders and can make money on their register. HOpe that makes sense. So we just stood around and did a whole lot of nothing. I let her serve her side of the bar and she let me serve mine.. and we divided up the worst tip out on a wednesday night yet, thank goodness I made 75 percent of the sales so I got to take home most of it. Since I worked all day I left with pretty good money .. but not great. Anyway, that's my rant for tonight. Hope everyone else had better luck.

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