Not so bad of a night.. it happens once in a while

Tonight was surprisingly great. Nothing really to complain about here. Our manager went home and asked one of the bartenders to manage so I got bumped up to third on and made 80 bucks in tips in an hour and a half. Aside from the man who kept referring to me as "doll" it went pretty smoothly.

There is this one really creepy guy that comes in to the bar that was hanging out. He tends to talk to himself, which is fine whatever floats your boat. But, when he starts arguing with himself it gets a little awkward. I always think he is yelling at me. I refuse to serve him though because one night I was friendly and talking to him as there was nobody at the bar.. and he told one of my coworkers that I told him I have a crush on him. So now I just steer clear.

So I have tomorrow night off.. which is the first in months, and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I feel like my weekends are more like the average jane's work week and monday and tuesday are my weekends. I wonder if any other bartenders feel that way?

Leave some comments if you'd like! I'd really like to get feedback.

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