but that means I get a free shot, right? WRONG.

Some of this story was relayed to me by another employee:

On homecoming the main bar was a mess. It was the only bar that would take credit cards and our ATM machine decided to run out of money.. which is never good for anyone involved. You can imagine that since all the college drunks had been guzzling all day long.. that they had run out of money by now and were resorting to using their mom and dad's credit cards. Needless to say, the main bar was crowded and people were drunk and demanding.

One of my fellow bartender was trying to do her job as quickly as possible. She was having a little trouble doing that because one of her guests thought it would be a good idea to lean on her register to get her attention. She couldn't see what she was putting in to the register or the totals and he was really ticking her off. She told him to back up and he moved over. She took his order and served him the round of shots he ordered.

Then guess where he ended up? Back to leaning on her register. This time she was really ticked off because he was leaning so hard that he pushed the register. It almost fell off the bar, so she quickly pushes it back to it's place. Well this moron had put the shots on the small space that was left on the bar behind the register. The shots not only spilled, they spilled all over his clothes. He assumed this entitled to him... you guessed it... free shots. She didn't want to hear it.

She went about serving other people and another bartender walked down and asked them what they needed to drink because they were now leaning forward and shouting down the bar. She opened up a can of worms. He yelled the whole story to her and said "That girl is a bitch. You must not like her very much either becuase she's a bitch." Not a good way to get yourself a free shot buddy. All the bartenders here are friends. So you just called her friend a bitch. So the bartender said "Actually she's my FRIEND and you need to take this up with her because I'm not getting involved." And walked away.

For the rest of the night they leaned on her register and covered the totals every time she used the register. Then they began rubbing their hands together near her face so that she could see they were "sticky". Maybe they wouldn't be covered in shots if they didn't shove the register off the bar and almost knock it over.

Now skip to Monday night when I hear a man overtalking. He said "this weekend some bitch bartender spilled shots all over me and then wouldn't give me new ones". I just laughed because one... he was STILL bitching about this.. and two... he obviously was too drunk or stupid to remember the WHOLE story.. just the side that makes it look like we don't know how to do our jobs. Looks like he'll be waiting extra long the next time he wants to be served.


LW said...

Behavior like that at my bar would get you cut off instantly. I would be infuriated if some drunk ass stuck their hands in my face.

BB said...

oh no believe me normally she would have kicked him out on his ass because she can be a huge bitch when someone tries to pull something like that. I think it was a combination of the fact that she was too tired from being there all day to care and the fact that our security team was busy most of the night so it was hard to flag them down.

Sarah! said...

UM tired or not, he would have been out of there and fast, if it was me!!! and possibly not coming back?.... :)

BB said...

lol! yeah, I dunno what I would have done. Like I said, it was hard to find the security guys that night because it was so busy.. and she had a lot of customers waiting.. I may have done the same and just gone about my business.. but I'd like to think I'd have kicked him out on his butt!