I need a moment to vent. Homecoming is supposed to be our BIG weekend... BIG as in lots of money. But the Scheduling Manager (SM) was having a FU moment and decided that even though I'm the second bartender on the list of about twenty five (which means I've been there a really long time).. I have to work the shitty shifts. Not only will I be there all day long from 9 am to 3 am.. I will be making absolutely no money.

In his infinite wisdom.. he scheduled the extra bar room to be open during the day.. even though he said it was really slow last year and wasn't going to open it.... And guess who he scheduled? me. And to top it off he put a beer tub person back there.. which will equate to even less money. Now at night I get to work outside.. where it is like almost snowing and I probably won't be able to feel my fingers at the end of the night. Not to mention that hardly anybody sits outside anymore since it's SO FREAKING COLD. And to top it off I'm going to miss all the crazy fights that happen.. which is like the best part of homecoming.

Before our new SM took over.. the bartenders got the good shifts. Now since he doesnt pay managers enough he decided to throw them all the best bartending shifts as a prize. So not only on every other weekend do I get screwed over with crappy shifts... he gave me the two worst possible shifts to work on homecoming.

If I sucked as a bartender this wouldn't bother me.. because I would deserve it. But he actually went out of his way to take me aside and tell me how great I was doing. He actually used the word "wow" and said he would be giving me much better shifts. Recently a bunch of people quit so I went from a novice bartender to the top of the list. But I also put in like a year and a half as a waitress/cocktail before I was moved up. And does he show me his graditude for working my my ass off? No. Not at all. In fact, it looks like I'm being punished. So FU SM. FU.

There, now I feel much better. Hopefully I will still have some good stories.


ShellSpann said...

What a douchebag!

Hopefully you'll make lots of money anyway. I'll cross my fingers for you! :)

A tip from your bartender said...

Thank you!! I hope so too!