homecoming weekend has arrived.

So tonight began homecoming weekend. The economy has defnintely done a number on us. I made about a 100 less tonight than I did last year (and I worked equally as hard).. which doesn't make me too excited for tomorrow.

I had one super great customer who ordered 7 patron shots.. which was about 50 bucks and gave me a 1.25. Aside from him... my night went pretty well.

I have to be up in about .. oh.. 4 hours to work 13 hours tomorrow.. so I better be off to bed. I promise I will update with some good stories on Sunday.

Reminder to self: story about how drunk the DJ got and messed up about a million times.


The Bitchy Waiter said...

What about prom season? Even worse if you work at a place where kids think it's good to go. Olive Garden.

BB said...

Lol. Well, it's not high school homecoming.. we don't get alot of kids in the bar. It's the college homecoming.. we opened at 8 am and were full all day. I have a two hour break and I'll be back to work the rest of the night. It's a little more than crazy. I already caught one girl puking in the bathroom.