excuse me!!! i have a stupid question!!!!!!!

So tonight a customer called me a "stupid bitch" because I didn't respond to him after he was yelling at me for a whole two seconds. First of all, I was helping someone else so he was being rude. Second of all, don't yell at me. Third of all, his question was moronic.

Here's how it goes:
"Excuseeeee meeeee!!!! Excuseeeee meeeeeee!!! Can I still use this dollar if it's ripped?!?!" Seriously? Next time you're trying to get my attention come up with a better question. And he didn't even let me respond, as I was about to. Instead when I turned in his direction he said "whatever you stupid bitch". Wow. He must have been really worked up about his ripped dollar.

Whatever, I was busy making 70 dollars for working one hour and he was busy pissing away his money all night, jokes on him.


Bryan said...

I love that! Excuse meeee! (waves hands like someone is dieing). "can I have a water?" FUCK YOU!

If someone called one of us a stupid anything I would be telling them to hit the road.

A tip from your bartender said...

Thanks for the comment! hahaha yeah, exactly! I had one girl the same night frantically yelling hey! hey! at me.. and when I made my way over she said "sorry about yelling". (yeahh right). and then guess what? she didn't even know what she wanted. arg.

For half a second I thought about throwing him out, but I just laughed at his pathetic attitude which made him more angry and me laugh harder. Besides I had someone kicked out the night before.. and I didn't want management to get the wrong idea.

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Anonymous said...

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