a bar full of campers

Tonight I was on duty at our back bar. Last year this bar used to be the spot to go when the main bar was busy. When people walked in they could see that there wasn't much of a line back there. Unfortunately, a storage unit was built on that side of the door.. so now anybody walking in can see us.

Well if that isn't enough, tonight when I came in there was a table like two feet from the front of my bar. If anything kills business at the bar it is a row full of people sitting on their stools blocking the bar.

Then a group of people walk up and put a "beer keg" on the bar and block the only six inches I have left. The beer keg is a huge plastic container that we fill up with draft beer. It's essentially our best deal. So now I have people, coats, and a beer keg sitting on my bar, and nobody ordering from me.

I ask the group that if people come up to the bar could they move their beer keg so that I am able to get serve people. Their response? Well, we're alumnae. AND? Last week was homecoming week, this week is not. So I repeat myself and they just gripe at me and say it's not busy yet. And I tell them that's because nobody can get to the bar with their beer keg their.

So then I start telling my bar back about the group of campers. They finally move but not without threatning me by letting know that they would be giving me most of my service, so I should not have made them leave. Really? You just put a beer keg on my bar that you DIDN'T buy from me.. and are blocking me from selling anything to anyone else. I really doubted they would be buying anything from me since they had about an hour and a half to go through about 20 beers.

One of them actually did come up to order TWICE. The first time he ordered a drink, and after receiving his change threw their quarter at me. Classy. The second time the same guy came up and asked me for two shots of jack. As I'm pouring them he says "It would be really great if you could make one of those crown". Ok moron, well the next time you're ordering ask for a shot of jack and a shot of crown instead of making me waste a shot of jack.

After he takes his shot he hauls it to the bathroom. Apparently he was puking because one of security guys came up to him when he returned and told him he needed to leave. He argued with him for a few minutes and then walked out the door. We have a strict you puke, you leave policy.

Well a few minutes later my bar back asks the security guy "Isn't that the same guy you just kicked out"? Sure was. He changed shirts. So the security guy tells him that he really needs to get out and stay out. And he says that he wants to talk to the manager. The manager tells him to just get out. Haha, karma.

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