Can I tip you in candy?

So tonight we had dollar domestic bottles on special. I swear every person who came in was like "ohhhh dollar bottles.. that's awesome!" and then proceeded to put their change in their pockets. Besides the cheap customers, I had three extra annoying customers.

One girl asked for a mixed drink and a bottle. I made the drinks and her change was like 14 something. She then asked me as she was putting her money in her pocket if she could tip me in candy. I plainly said "no". To which she said "really? well, I will anyway". It took everything in me not to throw her "mints" back in her face. Tip me in candy? Would you like your paycheck to be paid out in Hershey's? I think not.

Then I had some girl come and order a bud light. One dollar. And, of course, did not tip. Then she came back up to the bar to complain about her beer. She said it tasted funny. Weird. Since none of my other customers had yet to complain. So I called the manager over and told him in front of her "this girl here wants to complain about her one dollar beer not tasting right, what would you like me to do". He just laughed.

Then she says that her friend's beer tasted funny too. He then walks up to the bar with a beer that is 75% gone. I told her that her friend could not get another beer because he almost finished it so it couldn't have been that bad. Then I told her that the bottles were put in the tub in cases and that there was no way I could wade through them to tell which one she might think tasted good and which she might think tasted bad. I offered her a miller lite. She declined. Must not have tasted all that bad.

The last annoying customer was some guy who did not seem to understand why we couldn't serve 151 as a straight shot. Here's our convo:
"Can I have 151 and Tabasco."
"Sorry that's against our rules"
"Awww they said that last year. Nobody would notice if you did you know."
"Yeah well the cameras would.

He still didn't seem to get it because he started bitching to his friend. I tried to explain to him that I didn't make the rules, I just poured the drinks.

"Would you like anything to drink?"
"Yeah, a shot of 151 and Tabasco on the side."
DUH. "I'm not against giving you Tabasco in your shots. It's obviously the 151 I can't serve by itself. I could mix it with coke if you'd like"
"Ok Ok.. Can I just get 151 on the rocks?"

Seriously is he that dense? What did he settle for? A dollar miller lite. No tip.


The Bitchy Waiter said...

Sucks when people cant tip on cheap food. People are dumb. I hate them. Following your blog and will out you on my blog roll? Ditto for you i hope. Cheers!

A tip from your bartender said...

Yeah, people are dumb. Well put!

And thanks so much! I'm not quite sure how to do the blog roll. I'm going to try and figure it out soon.. in the next day or two and will definitely add you! I'm kinda new to the site so I have some updating to do

The Bitchy Waiter said...

Sorry I referred to you as a guy in my post. Thanks for the link. You're funny.

Kisha said...

Great post! People suck. Bartenders are saints, seriously.

Stopping by from SITS! Glad I did, love your blog!

Karen said...

Seriously. What is wrong with people?

I am a low-paid public school employee, but even I try to tip generously. It's the right thing to do, yo.

Although, some months, I might kind of like to get paid in Hershey's...

Stopped by from SITS. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

BB said...

Thanks for stopping by from SITS girls!! I'm glad you liked the blog and commented!

People do suck sometimes.. and I think drunk college kids can be the worst of the worst when it comes to customers. But, there are some good ones sometimes.. people like you guys who understand!