pet peeves

I wanted to share some of pet peeves with you. (just a thought here.. but I wonder where the term "pet peeves" came from.. hmm.. maybe a google search later, anywayyy...)

We'll have specials on cans. For instance, they will be 2.25. And someone will come up and ask for a bottle. I so graciously tell them that cans are on special and they could save 50 cents. Most people take the can instead. There are the few people that scoff at the cans and say "No, I asked for a bottle."

Well, ok smartass I know what you asked for, I'm just trying to save you some money. The thing is this person who doesn't care about this 50 cent difference.. like it's chump change (but it can add up) will never tip, never. But those that get the can will almost always at least leave the seventy-five cents. It's not that big of a deal since I'm just opening a bottle for them.. but it just annoys me that they are willing to buy on average five bottles.. spending an extra 2.50 but can't leave the quarter they get back as a tip.

This even happens when we have mixed drink specials.. where someone can save a few dollars every time. They apparently have enough money to get a better type of liquor (most of our specials are on the cheaper liquors).. but don't have enough money to tip.

One of my other pet peeves involves tips too.. I see a pattern here. The thing about it is.. sometimes I understand that people can't tip. If I'm only giving one beer every like half hour.. and you wait patiently.. and you thank me.. and you don't leave me a tip.. I can understand. What bothers me is when a customer goes out of there way to discuss with me why they can't tip me.. because then it gets awkward.

I had a guy say "I'm waiting for my scholarship money to come in and then I promise I'll tip you." What am I supposed to say to that? First, you're pointing out that you come in here every night and don't tip me. You're telling me that you think it's ok that you don't pay for my services even though I always know what you want and pretty much have it ready the second you walk up to the bar. It's insulting to point that out to me.

Second, I am now supposed to say the obligatory "that's ok". The thing is.. if it became an understanding between me and customers that it's ok that they don't tip me then I wouldn't make any money at all. And if I tell you it's ok.. then why shouldn't it be ok for everyone?

Here's the thing.. if you can afford to spend a few more bucks on a drink and scoff at the specials, then you can certainly afford to tip me. And if you're not going to tip me please don't point it out because then it puts me in an awkward position.

***On a side note I wanted to thank the people who are reading my blog, commenting on my blog, putting my blog on their blog roll, and following my blog. It's extremely flattering and humbling that have people enjoy (or have any reaction really) to my stories.. and I appreciate it!


ShellSpann said...

I can't imagine not tipping, and then explaining why I can't tip. I would be embarrassed as hell to act like that. WTF is wrong with people?

BB said...

Haha, exactly! I would never do that either.. but it's happened to me quite a few times. I've gotten the "I'll get you the next time I get paid" or "I'm sorry this is all I have left". It's always awkward. Thanks for the comment!

SkippyMom said...

I must be the only person that prefers bottles over cans that does tip [must have something to do with having been a waitress]I always appreciate the heads up on a special - but I hate cans. Sorry they don't tip.

And I would never say the [obligatory? really?] "That's okay" when they explain why they can't tip. Mute works just fine, believe me. Even a little smile. Please try it :) - it can't hurt a tip you aren't getting, right? lol

Really like the blog! And if I am ever in your bar I promise to tip on my full priced bottle, 'kay? :)

BB said...

Hey Skippymom! Thanks for reading the blog and for the comment, I'm glad you are enjoying it!

For me, the automatic reaction when someone is apologizing is to say "it's ok". I dunno it just comes out. But I will try the smile and bite my tongue approach the next time. You're right, it can't hurt the tip they've made sure to tell me isn't coming.

Confessionelle said...

I don't understand how people don't have the courtesy to not tip, everybody has to make a living somehow.

bianca said...

Wait, people seriously explain to you why they aren't tipping?! That's ridiculous. I believe in tipping Karma - leave a tip and nice things will happen to you. Especially if you find a way to save them money like telling them the cans are on sale. Arg.

BB said...

Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one baffled by this behavior.

Confessionelle- I think that people STILL don't know how tips are actually the main part of our income. Unless they have personally been in the service industry or know people in it.. which can be a significant number.. they don't get it. At least that's the pattern I'm seeing. Or perhaps I'm just making excuses for the people who are claiming ingnorance.

bianca- I like this term - tip karma- haha and I agree it is ridiculous to explain it to me.

Thanks for the new comments!

The Veteran Server said...

Totally agree, this happens with food service too!

LW said...

I also believe in tip karma big time.
One thing I get all the time is "I'll get you at the end." When someone says that I almost never get a tip.

BB said...

Veteran server- Really? In food service? I've been a waitress before also.. for about a year.. I can't imagine someone not leaving a tip for all that you do (drinks, refills, food order, run food, more refills, tally up check, get change). I can see why my opening a bottle might not constitute a tip .. but I get enough people up there in a night to make up for the stiffers. I can't imagine why someone would waste a half hour or more of your time and not tip. That's awful!

lw- Oh I wrote a post about that! I always hear people say "I'll get you next time" or something similar. And they never do. But in the post I wrote about they actually came back in the next week and gave me twenty bucks.. it was suprising.. in a good way.

Thanks for the new comments!

Sarah! said...

This type of thing happens where I bartend as well! I think it is soooo strange when people explain to me why that they can not tip me...ummmm i never say "its ok"! I usually remain mute for this. Its NOT ok! Your right, a person doesnt have to tip on every single bottle but if they can afford multiple bottles, they can not drink one in order to provide you with a small tip for your services! I really dont get that either!!! Do they think that this thought never enters our brain?

Seriously, some people should try working in the service industry, even if for only one day! The insight they would gain would truly open their eyes to this type of thing....uugggghhhhh!!!!

Oh, and I just found your blog today...LOVE IT!!!

BB said...

Welcome to my blog.. I'm glad you found it and are enjoying it! I'm on vacation and my computer is broken.. but I will be back soon with more stories to share.

I totally agree with you on how people should spend a day in the service industry worker's shoes. It should be a class in high school or a day of a class.

And I also agree with you that I should have just stayed mute.. but it's like a reaction for me to say "it's ok" when someone says they are sorry. Knowing my face though, I probably didn't look very understanding.. I tend to wear my emotions on my face.

Anyway, welcome to the blog and thanks for the comment!!