All I wanted was a pack of gum...

So last night my work "horror story" started before I even stepped foot into the bar.

A few weeks ago my roomie and I were shopping for groceries at the local mom and pop grocery store. While we were in line the cashier shouts to us "so this is where all the [college bar] bartenders hang out!" I look around. Yupp only the two of us. And then I look at my roomie who is equally confused. We have about twenty bartenders, but I guess amongst a list of 7 others, we work the most. "Guess so" I muster out. On the way to the car I looked at my roomie and said "Who is that guy?" She's like "No clue."

So fast forward to last night when I revisit the local mom and pop to return videos and grab gum on my way to work. I get in line and the same cashier says to me "so you're not working at [college bar] tonight?" Hmm, so now he knows my schedule too. I seriously have NEVER seen this guy in my bar and I am not usually THAT bad with faces. So I tell him that I'm actually on my way to work right after I get done paying.

So as he is asking for my money he says "so are you going to hook us up with some free drinks?" By us he meant him and the bagger. So now I can't even go to the grocery store without being harassed about free drinks? I mean it's one thing to come into the bar and ask for free drinks, but now when I'm out in public I'm being asked too? And let me point out the ironic fact here. I'm paying you for gum while you are asking me for free drinks? I don't see you offering me a free pack of gum, do I? No.

So I say no I can't do that because recently people were fired for doing that, and there are cameras that monitor such behavior, etc. And he has the nerve to say "Ohhhh but come on..." Really? I just told you that I would be FIRED if I gave your cheap ass a free drink and you are still asking me? So I tell him no and that I need to get to work.

And then the bagger chimes in. "So is there REALLY a cover on Thursday nights? Why do you do that?" So clearly he knows the answer to the first question. And folks, it's a dollar. Gather some change together and suck it up. So I look at him and say "I'm not sure why you keep assuming I'm the person who is making these prices and cover charges, but I'm not. As for the cover, it's been that way for about a year now, and I'm not sure why the OWNER decided to do it."

So then I get asked a third time for something free. "So can we say you're name at the door so they'll let us in for free." Yeah, no. This is not some club where everyone stands at the door and the VIPS go through the red velet rope like you see in the movies. And at this point I was certainly NOT giving either one of them my name. So I tell him NO, and if they wanted a free cover pass they can go to Bingo (where it is put on people's cars). And a fourth time. "So you don't have any free passes you can give us?" Now I'm late and pretty annoyed. So I say as much and then start heading out the door.

And then the cashier yells at me and says "Oh we're not trying to be mean, we're just asking." Oh yeah you're just asking FOUR times for free crap at the bar I work at when I'm at your establishment trying to buy a pack of gum. Leave me the heck alone. And this is why I despise small towns.


liz said...

Incredible. What a couple of douchebags.

When I was tending bar, I would occasionally buy people (regulars, friends) drinks. Or my boss would buy me one, etc. But nothing went over the bar without being rung up. Period.

You should have a chat with Mom or Pop about their employees' behavior.

BB said...

Yeah, same here. Nothing goes over the bar without being rung up. I mean you wouldn't go to a gas station and ask for free gas or a grocery store and ask for half the food to not be rung up.

I thought about letting them know .. cause I tend to come in at off hours (i.e. when I get off work) and talk to one of the regular workers quite a bit. I just hesitate doing something because I don't want anyone losing their job over this.. especially in this economy.

Cielo Gold said...

I wonder what they guy would have said or done if after the first time he asked you for free drinks, you asked him to hook you up with some free gum?

With douchebags like that, they always seem to want to know your name and get something for nothing. That's why when they ask for my name, I give them an alias. As for the the phone number? Always the club or bar's number. That way when they call, the joke is on them. Haha!

BB said...

hmmm .. good idea on the phone number trick!