Why won't anybody help me out?

Last week, after lots of traveling and little sleep I got a bit of a cold, that turned a bit worse. I had deemed myself bed ridden since I wasn't scheduled to work until this weekend. Well, Friday came along and I wasn't feeling any better. With all the sickness going around, I didn't want to spread any more. So for the first time in a long time I called around to try to get my shift covered.

Let me prefice this with saying that I always take shifts for people. On an average week, I take at least one shift per person... in addition to the three or four I'm already scheduled. Unless, I can't physically be there, like I am out of town, I will always help a bartender in need.

Well, nobody seemed thankful enough to return the favor last night, and it really made me angry. So for the first time ever I called my manager and said "I've tried to get my shift covered and nobody will help me out. I am sick and I'm wondering if you can help me out." Sure enough he asked one of the people that I already called --and begged-- and of course since the manager called they covered it for me.

I felt really guilty about having to call in without a replacement. But I just think with all I've done for everyone who works there someone could have picked up a shift for me.

Well, today I was supposed to work too. And instead of facing a barrage of phone calls that ended in me being pissed because nobody would get off their lazy butts to help me, I went into work. The minute I walked in and someone said hi to me and I responded in my deeply hoarse voice and intense cough, the manager told me to go home. And then he asked why I didn't call in. Someone that was working when I came in offered to take my shift right then and there and told me to get outta there. I'm thinking maybe people didn't offer because they couldn't see how hideously I looked.. and it took seeing me in my state to feel any sympathy. But nevertheless, I'm glad to be back in my bed.


JumpIt said...

I hope you feel better. Being sick sucks :(

There are only a few select people I will cover for anymore. My mom died from cancer in Feb and the year before I was having a hell of a time trying to balance everything. People would beg and plead with me to cover a shift because they wanted to party but couldn't cover my shift when they moved my mother into hospice. I don't cover for anyone anymore.

Ex-Restaurant Manager said...

People suck. What can you say? People who want shifts only want shifts when they don't conflict with their partying time. Their priorities are skewed. And they are losers.

BB said...

Thanks jumpit and I'm sorry for your loss. It's downright rude that you couldn't find people to cover for you.

Ex-RM- Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. And you're right it is all about the partying probably even more so here because this is a college town.

purplegirl said...

People are so selfish. They always say "Oh, thank you so much, I owe you!" but they forget your shift covering as soon as they walk out the door.

Waiting said...

People in the service industry are notoriously lazy - that's why they are in the industry. Of course, there are usually one or two exceptions. Sounds like unfortunately you are one of them.

megaphon said...

Seems it happens everywhere! I am the same, picking up shifts because I get by with the shifts I have and like to have a little extra money for books and stuff.

What really bothers me is that the nice people explain that they have to babysit or have tickets for a show, while the not-so-nice-fellow-servers will just say: "Oh, I'm so sorry, I can't!" I immediately know there is no real reason behind it but rather a big fat I DON'T WANT TO.

I enjoy reading your blog. Get better!

LW said...

I have this problem all the time. Usually when people ask me to work for them it is with something like a two hour notice. I have started saying no a lot more often after a pet of mine died and no one would work for me or even respond to my messages asking.

BB said...

This blog has generated quite a bit of commenting (for my blog anyway) and I realize it must be a problem everywhere. I think Waiting is right in that most people in this industry are lazy.. and you're right I'm not one of them. I usually take people's shifts because I could always use the extra money.

One way I have figured out how to lure people into taking my shift is by offering it in a way that sounds appleaing. I had to get someone take my last two shifts because I will be packing/moving.. and I called one of my friends and said that I wanted to "offer her the shifts first because I knew she would want to make some money". I think it helps making it sound like you are helping them in some way too!