Just so ya know..

I wanted to let everyone know that my postings and comments are going to be less frequent for a bit. For one, I am going home to job search for the next week and a half so hopefully I will be a bit busy. And for two, my computer BROKE. Seriously. With Christmas coming up and my getting less hours and people tipping like shit.. my computer went and quit on me (and I'm using my roommate's computer just to clarify). So I have to figure something out.. hopefully the computer guys can help me out and fix this.

I also got an email about a titled kilt opening in my hometown. Although, I'm not planning on "auditioning" for the joint .. it was nice to see that places are up and running in my home town. Also I just read a post about the place and it sounds cool, so I'm excited to check it out.

I will try to get back to posting my regular rants soon!

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