Homecoming party

Every year all of us hard working bartenders, waitresses, and security guys miss out on Homecoming because it is so packed in our bar. We also all end up working 13 hour days and are miserably tired and angry afterwards. So every year our boss picks one day where he closes the bar and lets us loose. Free booze. Need I say more?

Well, last night was our party and I am just now getting around to writing about it, which shows just how much fun I had. We each brought a dish to pass and every single one us brought dishes that could serve all 40 of us. It was ridiculous. We had mounds of foods. Two hams, one turkey, 6 casseroles, 6 desserts, 3 kinds of potatoes, mini hot dogs, polish mistakes, and not to mention the pizza hut pasta, the subway party sub, and the KFC chicken. We had so much food left over it was almost sad. We contemplated giving it to a shelter but realized it would go bad by the time we could get it there.

After our feast we partied hard. The only liquor the boss man hid from us was the grey goose. Everything else from jager to patron to crown and jameson was ours for the taking. There was a constant flow of people behind the bar making shots and drinks. We also had a flippy cup station and a beer pong table set up. I'm happy to report back that for the second year in a row I was on the winning beer pong team, which doesn't say much since every game seemed to last a half four. Man, we all suck at beer pong.

Last year the boss's finace (he knocked her up by mistake when they were casually dating and now she has a share of his millions.. lucky girl) dropped a knife on one of the waitresses legs and sliced it open. So needles to say, this year he kept a tight leash on her. Which means she wasn't allowed to flirt with any of our managers like she always does, she wasn't allowed to take shots, and she had to stick by his side for the whole party. No knives were thrown this time.

Actually nothing really out of control happened which is the first time. Some of the coworkers were smoking pot out on the deck which I thought was ridiculous with our boss merely a few feet away. But that's as wild as it got. Usually a couple girls make out with eachother and flash all the guys, and people end up pairing off.. but not this year.

After the bar was closed we went over to a house for after hours and played cards. The manager that likes to pick on me picked the rule for circle of death. He made everyone "diss" me before they picked up a card and compliment him. Well, when it came around to my turn I took a drink of my beer and said that I would rather drink that compliment him. HAHA.

The night went pretty late and I was pretty hung over today. I actually had to drive 4 hours home because I have a second interview up here for a new job. After the party, I finally put in my two weeks notice. It was funny because in the speech the boss said "I want to thank everyone who is here for everything they've done and will do in the next year. I don't think anyone is leaving us anytime soon so..." And my friends all gave me a nudge. Well, I didn't want to get uninvited to the party because I quit, so I waited till after!

Don't worry I'll still be posting about the bar. I'm hoping to get a new weekend job as a waitress or bartender up here when I finally get settled. We will see. Happy holidays to everyone!

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