The power of the dollar

Has anyone noticed this interesting trend?

Customer will walk in and come to the bar and order a beer. Then he will leave a dollar. Well, that was nice. And then this same customer comes up and orders a 50 dollar round for his table. Also leaves a dollar. He will then come up and order 30 dollars worth of shots. And, you guessed it, leave a dollar.

It's like the new tip at the bar has become a dollar.. no matter how much or little people order. Yes, when someone orders a beer it's a significant percentage. But not so much when we are mixing drinks and shots up.

Disclaimer: This occurrence may be more prominent in the bar setting.


purplegirl said...

At the risk of outing my workplace :) --that salad is made of bibb lettuce, chopped hardboiled egg, chunks of avocado, bacon bits, black olives, and grilled shrimp. The dressing is pureed avocado blended with ranch.

Elyse said...

I have had more than my fair share of tippers who think that 1 dollar per person is acceptable, no matter how much food they order. And if they order so little that 1 dollar would actually be decent, they leave less than the change it would take to round up to the nearest dollar for their bill.

There's always a certain type of person that this only applies to also. I'm sure you can imagine. ;)

Anonymous said...

A dollar doesn't buy much nowadays does it.

LW said...

I also find that there are many people who will tip at the beginning or end and leave $5. Great if you are only ordering 5-10 drinks, but when you are that same guy ordering a $50 round followed by a $30 round and multiple other rounds...not so great. When someone says "I'll get you at the end" I cringe.

BB said...

Thanks for the comments!

Sorry purplegirl I didn't even think about that! But I didn't recognize the salad from a specific place so you're still in the food service closet with me! It sounds delish though, I can't wait to try a rendition. Thanks!

Elyse- With bills that cheap I generally have a minimum I will give without considering a twenty percent. I mean why should we servers suffer when the place we work at has cheap meals.. we do the same service duties as the Applebees next door. I could never imagine leaving change. Change is for the salvation army guy who sits outside Walmart.

Sometimes at my bar when I go out.. my bill will be so cheap (because of our discounts) that I tip more than the bill. But I'm the type of person who will calculate what the bill would be without discounts to figure my tip.

Waiter extradonaire- You're right. No, it doesn't. And it doesn't add up very quickly anymore either.

LW- I agree with this as I have had this happen. Yeah people will throw you a five or ten on their way out.. but if they've been drinking all night that bill does not even account for five percent of what their bills add up to. And that whole "get you at the end" thing makes me cringe too because generally people leave my bar pretty intoxicated. And usually, they forget to "get me".. and probably they planned it that way.

purplegirl said...

LOL, I was just kidding. I don't think it's all THAT distinctive. :)

Anonymous said...

it's the same at my bar. We are very gratefull to the dollar a beer tippers or a couple of beers and a leave a buck....but to buy $50 worth of shots and leave a dollar stinks..but it happens. We have a couple of regulars that will sit and drink for a few hours and tip once at the end...you guessed it....$1. Chaps my ass.