What I've been up to..

Hi all!

I am new to the blogging world (well fairly new) and I'm just loving it with every ounce of my being.

I wanted to invite you all to visit my new blog that I've started.. actually just a few hours ago. It's a bit of a baby.. but I have some good ideas for it. I will, of course, still blog on this site, but I had an epiphany today while I was... well you can read it on the new blog http://bb-myjourney.blogspot.com/

It's basically about my journey out of the rut I feel that I am in. I am 24 and I should be out enjoying my life.. instead of feeling like a hermit. This new blog has a lot to do with my moving home and starting over. I will probably be posting on it more often than this one for a bit.. since I am quitting my bartending job (I will be looking for a new part-time serving job though so I will not be disappearing). I want to document my twenties.. this will include everything from hunting for a job, trying to find financial freedom, meeting men/being single.. and everything else that I face.

I do hope that you will take a look.. and if it suits your fancy.. follow me! If not, maybe you know someone who might like reading it and I encourage you to pass it along. Anyway, that's my plug for my new blog!



ShellSpann said...

I will add it to my blog roll :)

BB said...

THANK YOU!!! for being my first follower :)