it's official

I'm officially looking for a new job! I'm tired of the crap being pulled from management about our scheduling.. I'm scheduled two shifts next week even though I have FULL availability. The problem is he wants to reward all the managers by giving them bartending shifts.. and now the managers have ALL the good shifts. So us actual bartenders are left with the bad shifts.. and barely any shifts at all.

I've been there for far too long to have to deal with all of this. I need a job where it pays to work hard.. and to put time in. I also will have to look for a job in my hometown because as far as barandgrills.. we are the only one where people make a decent amount of money. In my hometown there are plenty. So next week I'll be going home and be job hunting. I just really wish the economy wasn't so crappy because I'm sure there won't be many jobs available. Wish me luck!!


purplegirl said...

That is such bullshit! If managers want to bartender, they should go be bartenders.

LW said...

I agree! What's the point in even having bartenders if you're just going to let your managers work the bar?

BB said...

THANK YOU!!!! that's what I said!

The thing about it is... the managers used to be bartenders who got "moved up". The managers were complaining about their pay and instead of increasing their money he started giving them the best bartending shifts. Then he started using that as an incentive to be moved up to manager.. so now people that haven't been there nearly as long as me nor have been bartending as long as me get MUCH better shifts. It's ridiculous that they can make 200 bucks a night in tips and then turn around and work an hourly shift. And the bartenders are working the shifts that make like 50 bucks. I just can't make rent anymore