Welcome back... to the floor

I got a call yesterday morning asking me to cover for a waitress. And I was extremely nervous to take the shift. I haven't worked on the floor in over a year.. I don't even know what is on our new menu (well after our shift yesterday I do), and the girls have new rules that I am not familiar with.

Fortunately for me it was pretty slow.. and I still left with about thirty dollars.. so it wasn't too bad. I mean it was thirty dollars I didn't have before and I didn't do very much. And since I'm a bartender I was able to keep myself busy as acting as the bartender and the floor waitress. I probably only served 12 people total that day.. but everyone was very friendly. I even got a thank you from everyone I served. It definitley made me miss working with a crowd that wasn't hammered.

It was also nice to know I could jump right back in without any mistakes! I think reading all these blogs about serving has really helped me be more aware of my duties. When I started serving 3 years ago I was not trained very well. And the more I read.. the more I realized what mistakes I had been making. When I went out there yesterday I think I was better than I was before. Maybe I should suggest my blog reading list to some of our new waitresses who can't seem to handle more than two tables. Thanks to all those writing the serving blogs.. they've definitely helped me become better at my job.


AK said...

I wish I had had more guidance when I first started, too! There are so many small details and little things that no one tells you, you just have to learn.... I'm glad you had a good shift. :)

BB said...

Thanks AK! And I agree .. so many small details.