The couple that wouldn't go away

So I was working at the tub last night which is dangerously close to the door and the breeze that flies through the door every time it opens. It was also, unfortunately, slow. So I was able to listen to this arguement that ensued between the door guy and this couple that wouldn't go away.

The first time him and his girlfriend came in and the doorguy looked at his ID and says "No sorry, I just saw this ID five minutes ago." And the guy is like "Well, that's ME!" Doorguy, "Well that may be true, but someone just used this ID to get in so you shouldn't use pass backs." Guy: "How do you know that?" Doorguy: "I remember the name and picture and the birthday, trust me I have to look at these pretty well." At this point I started to get customers so I couldn't hear the convo, but the guy sat there and argued with the doorguy for about ten freaking minutes. Meanwhile the people behind them were getting really impatient.

I was able to hear a few words like the guy saying that maybe someone stole his ID and was using it.. which means that the person who stole your ID, ended up at the same bar as you, and got there five minutes before you. Yeah, right. Passbacks are insulting. And more than that, that would be a definite fine if the police raided us (which happens quite a bit in our town.. not as much at our bar though because we're strict about not letting under-agers in)

So then the manager comes up to help remedy the problem. Now this manager is usually all I don't want to deal with this problem so just let the customer have what he wants.. but this time he actually brought his balls. He told the guy the same thing that the doorguy did with a little more authority and the man still bitched. So he told him to just get out.

Fast forward to thirty minutes later when the couple walks through the door again. Seriously? Did he think the doorguy would forget about him with the scene he made? He just got the manager right away this time, and although I didn't hear the convo I heard a lot of yelling. And the guy started getting in the manager's face. I don't know where in his thought process he thought it would be a good idea to scream at the one guy who could have the authority to let him in, but he did. At this point the girlfriend decided to start screaming and the manager did what any smart guy would do, he put his hand in front of her face and blocked her out. I mean really girl, this is between the guys they don't need your screechy voice in the background.

Finally, the manager said JUST GET OUT and DON'T COME BACK. And they did. For like one whole minute and then the girl throws open the door and says go get the manager. This girl is starting to get on my nerves because I want to hear/watch this conversation, but I have customers.. so I'm half paying attention to orders and half watching this couple make a fool of themselves. Anyway, I don't know what was said after that but the manager and the couple stepped outside. Maybe they apologized, I doubt it, but either way that was the LAST we saw of them.

On a good note, I was getting really good tips for working on the tub. I had four people coming up to me that were tipping me 100%, which was great since it was so slow. I ended up making 65 bucks for two hours of opening cans, which is great for me. Tomorrow I'm heading home. Hope everyone's weekend brings in lots of money.

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