dollar jager bombs.. so wait what's the total?

I don't know how many times I had this exact conversation:

Customer: What are you specials?

Really because they are written on four special boards. One is neon green and lights up. Very hard to miss. And the specials have been the same all year.

BB: Dollar fifty miller cans, 6 dollar rum pitchers and dollar jager bombs.

C: Ok. Can I have 3 jager bombs.

BB: Sure.

Bring back the three jager bombs and in case they can't add I tell them the price.

BB: 3 dollars.

C: Wait. How much?

OMFG. Can you really not add 3 dollars.. three jager bombs at one dollar each. I would have brushed this off if it had been one drunkie. But even the sober people were asking me the totals. I'm dealing with morons.

Thank goodness tomorrow's my last night.

Funny story.. I quit once .. actually almost exactly a year ago.. and went home for two weeks and then came back. Everyone did the traditional last night of work shot and said nice things. I hugged people I never thought I'd miss. (The bar where I work is four hours from my original home.) Had a big going away party.. mostly just drank with all the employees at work. And then I came back. So now everyone keeps saying.. are you leaving for real.. or are you going to come back in two weeks? I'm sure that will be the joke of the night on saturday .. because it will be my SECOND going away party. But I swear I'm leaving this time.

The boss man sent out an email telling people to say goodbye to me and that I was leaving to pursue my career. That was nice of him. I'll honestly miss it.. I get this sort of high from trying to serve as many customers at once and working my ass off. I'll miss my friends that work there.. although now there aren't that many left. I'll miss my independence.. I'm so used to living on my own and answering only to myself. But I probably won't miss the college crowd very much, that is one thing I am happily moving on from.


Anonymous said...

All the best and keep us posted. Party on Saturday!

BB said...

Thanks! I will keep posting on here .. but i've decided to keep this one more about serving/bartending and the other blog I've started more about my life. My latest post is about my horrible job search