You puke, you leave

I for one have never gotten so drunk in a bar that I have puked. I have been to my fair share of parties as a teen that ended in my submission to the porcelain god. But by the time I was at the age of bar dwellers I was out of that stage. Since my experience was working at a college bar.. I saw plenty of the puke your guts out drunks.

There were always the ones who tried to hide it by going out to the farthest corner of our deck. And the lucky security guard who found it at the end of the night got the privilege of cleaning it up. There were the ones who actually make it to the bathroom. And then there's my favorite story:

We have one manager that is female. She is pretty tough, which is why she was promoted. Well, one night she was standing at the end of the bar with a security guard. And some guy casually walked past them with his hand covering his mouth. Nobody thought much of it until we saw chunks flying from between his fingers. He was on his way to the men's room which is right next to the bar.. genius designers.. but didn't quite make it.

The security guard is covered in puke and suddenly turns from tough guy to pansy as he makes a pukey face himself. I don't blame him.. I would have gotten sick if someone puked all down my back. So he was sent home. And the manager was left to clean up the wall he puked on.

We have a rule that makes a lot of sense. You puke, you leave- no exceptions. While our female manager is wiping up the puke covered walls someone taps her on her shoulder.

Pukey's friend: He's actually not that drunk. He just isn't feeling well. Do you think he could just stay here with us?

Female Manager: I assume your talking about the guy whose puke I am cleaning up?

Pukey's friend: Well... yeah... um...

Female Manager: No, he's out.

This is my favorite story because of the audacity of pukey's friend to ask the person who is cleaning up puke from the walls and the floor if the person who made this pukefest mess can stay. Also, the security man who practically ran out the door to go home to change and shower probably would have had something to say at pukey's friend's request.


purplegirl said...

Riiiight, because "he's just sick" is something you guys would have never heard before!

Em said...

So much nicer cleaning up the puke of someone who is "just sick" vs. just stupid - the added knowledge that you are wiping up lots of germs, along with the booze is icing on the cake.

As long as the customer isn't inconvenienced by having to cut the night short.


Stopping by via SiTS to welcome you to the gang - love your blog!

LW said...

I have a love for this rule, although when I worked at a college bar it resulted in at least one group of customers being asked to leave per night.
But really, who would want to stay at the bar after they puked all over the wall?

Anonymous said...

You puke you leave is an excellent rule. I'm in full support.

Welcome to SITS!

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhh, SO not ok!

Aubrey said...

How about "SURE he can stay, if YOU clean up the puke!"

Coming over from SITS! Hello and Welcome!!

BB said...

Haha, I love all the comments. I've been laughing for minutes over here. (I'm at work but they ran out of work for me to do- surprise..)

Thanks for all the new SITS girls stopping by! I can't wait to have a few minutes to myself and check out your blogs!

Anonymous said...

English Please!

Jen said...

Wow. That takes balls. Great story.

Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.

Anonymous said...

Puking in the restaurant...ah the good old days.

ChopandCut said...

I worked at a fastfood place in my teens, one nigt someone somehow puked on every inch of the bathroom... the manager told me i had to clean it up or I was fired... fired was the better option as far as I was concerned errrgh

BB said...

Hahaha .. puking in a restaurant.. now that's somewhere around rock bottom. I would have probably taken the fired rather than clean the puke too. Lucky for me, the bartenders never had to deal with the gross that accumalates at the end of the night. The bathrooms are always overfloaded and there is always puke somewhere.. but the security guards take care of it, thank goodness.