Why I avoid the bars and stick to tubing

Hi all! It's been ages.

I have found myself avoiding socializing at bars because my arm does this sort of jerking motion like when you hear a song your body wants to dance to but your mind is smart enough to know you can only dance like that when you're blasting music alone in your house.

I sort of cringe when I watch the bartender start making some of our drinks and come back over and us to repeat the order, really, your memory is so bad you can't remember a jack and coke, rum and diet, and captain and sprite and three jager bombs?!??! Ok, maybe I'm being judgemental, but I want to jump across the bar and do it all myself.

Then I find myself getting defensive if someone makes a comment about the service. Like I'm allowed to think that way because I used to work behind the bar, but my friends aren't because "they just don't get it". Hahaha, so as you can see I am being judgemental from all angles and it just doesn't end well.

I've found myself doing other things to pass the time, which has been good to my body. Instead of boozing at a bar and sitting on a stool for the night, I opt to booze on a boat and tube for an hour to work it off, not really, that's just what I like to tell myself. I just discovered tubing and I have been trying to make up for the 25 years of my life that I knew not of this amazing adventure.. I spend as long as I can on the tube, or until the rest of the guys get restless and tired of watching me trail behind the boat. If you haven't tried it, though, you should. I woke up the next morning and felt like I did an hour of pushups and was slightly miserable, but still had a smile plastered on my face from it.

I miss you all. Glad to see you are still enjoying the stories. I am starting up a new blog of quotes I come across .. I'm always scribbling them down and everyone always seems to enjoy my thought-provoking facebook status updates so I want to try it out. I will post a link on here, but they won't be linked because I am going to make it personal/not anonymous. I don't mind if you all know who I am.. but I don't want my friends knowing about this :) I might get myself into trouble with some of former posts.


Anonymous said...

I gave up bars a looooooooong time ago.

BB said...

Yeah.. I'm over the bars. I've been going to martini lounges lately. That I like!

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Anonymous said...

In regards to the paragraph about other bartenders asking to repeat some of what you ordered. I do find it to be a bit judgmental as you clearly admitted it was. As a bartender of 14 years. Surely you have to take into consideration the asshole patron who I never made eye contact with or had asked what I could get him, but decided to call out his order to me anyways & I lost my train of thought. Therefore, I had to ask you to say it again or how about the server who made an error on the round of drinks she picked up previously & decides to talk toBMW about her return & must have replacement! Again, I may have to ask you to repeat some of your order. Shitty I guess, but shit happens. Especially when your doing 1700.00 on Saturday day bar shift, by myself I may add. Not to mention, I was service bar as well for two servers. I don't expect to be perfect & you definitely shouldn't either!

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StarTender said...

I agree with Anonymous at 11:16 . . . When I'm neck-deep with customers, and I get multiple orders, along with interruptions coming at me from all angles, I'm going to repeatedly ask for your order to ensure that it's correct.

My aim is to get your drinks right the first time. Juggling crowds will always cramp someone's style.